FX Awards 2017: The Winners

Public, Leisure or Office Furniture

Winner: Edge
by PearsonLloyd for modus

Edge by PearsonLloyd for modus

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Edge has a soft, almost domestic, sensibility that makes it perfect for major corporations or small start-ups alike and allows it to be used in any number of ways.

The collection, created by one of the UK’s leading design studios, PearsonLloyd, was initially launched in 2015 as a table, based around a specially engineered (but almost invisible) cast-aluminium knuckle that formed its corner joints and allowed it to either stand alone or be connected indefinitely, creating a system of workbenches or high-density desking.

The range has been expanded with new pieces, including upholstered seating, credenzas, integrated storage and a spine system, all of which contain the essential simplicity and elegance of the original design. Edge’s flexibility means the collection can be specified to create areas of seclusion for focused work, breakout zones aimed at small teams, or communal areas where ideas can be exchanged. Innovative, refined and infinitely adaptable.

The judges said:

‘A refreshing challenge and departure from the numerous corporate sterile systems, well-positioned between commercial and domestic style, with elegant detailing and choice of materials.

The story behind the range is very engaging: gather, focus, share, think. As usual with PL design work there is a rational, understated yet elegant resolution to the range.

‘Extensive product range gives great flexibility. Good to see that acoustics have been addressed – a common problem in open-plan offices with hard finishes. The units can create a variety of fine-looking solutions for informal areas’

Finalists & judges' comments

Finalists & judges’ comments

muvman by aeris
‘A stable and height adjustable perch that encourages movement and alternating between standing and sitting. Supports healthy standing postures’

Vitra, Pacific Chair by Barber & Osgerby for Vitra
‘Stylish, timeless design. A technical chair but it doesn’t look it. Colour palette will bring interest to the office environment’

ATOM by Boss Design
An extensive and impressive family of adaptable products, particularly the curvaceous seating system, with its clean and flowing form’

Brera25 (Product Design Consulting by Gensler) by IOC International Office Concept
‘Well-designed modular executive workstations. High-quality materials give a premium feel’

ELODIE by Gaber
‘Light, fresh with a sense of fun and simplicity about them, these chairs offer an unique approach to acoustic absorption within the office environment’

Valencia by Morgan Studio
‘A simple yet elegant product that offers flexibility and modularity in a variety of interesting arrangements without the traditionally boxy feel'

Isomi in Metal by Paul Crofts Studio for Isomi
‘The use of materials in this modular system mark it out as interesting. The modernist in me likes it’

Outline Table by Paul Crofts Studio for Isomi
‘Great use of materials; flowing lines. The table has an architectural presence and scale with unique detailing complementing the core material’

ThinkingQuietly Workstation by ThinkingWorks with Jones + Partners
‘ A stylish sound-absorption system. Replicates beautifully the solid oak and style of the Diva desk’

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