FX Awards 2017: The Winners

Retail Space

Winner: Warehouse, Argyll Street
by Checkland Kindleysides with Alasdhair Willis

Retail Space Winner - Warehouse, Argyll Street by Checkland Kindleysides with Alasdhair Willis

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Warehouse, Argyll Street by Checkland Kindleysides with Alasdhair Willis

In a project led by a new design team that includes design director Emma Cook and brand consultant Alasdhair Willis, a refreshed aesthetic signals a change in direction for the 40-year-old high street chain Warehouse.

The store is designed to feel like a continuation of the street, as though you are walking between buildings that open up to the bright sky. A blend of physical and digital touchpoints bring to life this unique concept, showcased on narrow lightboxes that light up the ceiling. A flock of digital birds move around from the front to the back of the store, encouraging the customer to follow them and transition around the space.

Roller shutters and polycarbonate sheets line the walls of the store and enchance the metropolitan vibe, while bright accent colours, including yellow street markings, reinforce the sensation of walking between high-rise buildings in the city.

Between the two floors a digital wall creates an immersive atmosphere – showcasing content ranging from social media, runway footage and brand campaigns. Forming a main focal point, the wall elevates the retail experience; blending it with the online world to drive a deeper connection with the brand.

The judges said:

‘Subtle and highly effective design to deliver the experience of city dwelling, aiming at a new ‘city woman’ market. Great use of digital along with inert solid materials. A great classic retail design benchmark that shows why physical fashion retail stores, when done right, can still be streets ahead of online shopping’

Finalists & judges' comments

Adidas NYC by Adidas AG with Gensler NY & Checkland Kindleysides
‘The last word in presenting sport on an urban landscape. Great concept’

Lamb’s Conduit Street by Benedetti Architects
‘Graceful interpretation of tailoring’

Vape Superstore by Catherine White Interiors
‘Simple, warm and chic. A really simple “analogue” approach to contrast with “tech”‘

Urban Revivo Art by Domani Architectural Concepts
‘Clear. Beautiful.’

Presented By | Crep Protect - London Store by Extenal Reference Architects & Andrea Cincotta Architect
‘Concrete, display installations and dramatic lighting focus on the product’

Penguin Shop by figure3 Interior Design
‘Smart design addresses the target ‘super-fan’ and puts the retail process at the centre of the concept’

Cadillac House by Gensler
‘Stylish and smart spatial design brings new relevance to an iconic brand and blends physical with digital’

V&A Exhibition Road Shop by Mark Pinney Associates
‘A system design that is simple and effective. Pleasing concept. Striking and demountable display installation’

New York Sweets by Minas Kosmidis (Architecture in Concept)
‘One of the most beautiful jewellery shops I have seen (even though it sells cakes!)’

Best Friends Animal Society Pet Adoption Centre by RA-DA
‘Unexpectedly beautiful, clever and lovable space to help fulfil a purpose and enhance lives– human and otherwise’

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