FX Awards 2017: The Winners

Lighting Product

Winner: USM Haller E by USM

Lighting Product Winner - USM Haller E by USM

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USM Haller E, an innovation from USM modular furniture, integrates light and energy into the structure of furniture wirelessly. Dimmable lighting elements can be retracted into metal rods to serve a variety of purposes: they can light shelves and displays from the inside or cover a room wall with a choice of light. USB chargers can be plugged into pre-defined recesses – integrated into rods and barely visible.

The power supply is revolutionary. There are no cables. The structure guides the current through the specifically developed e-pipes, e-balls and e-connectors, which replace traditional components. The furniture connects to the power supply at any point near the ground through a feed cable leading directly to a USM Haller e-ball. The power adapter is beneath the furniture; cables and outlets are not visible.

Seven years of development went into USM Haller E and a fundamental principle of the USM Haller furniture system is its modular construction; since cords are not required, Haller E can be exchanged and combined with uncompromised flexibility.

Since its inception in the Sixties USM Haller has advanced to the status of a design classic; Haller E has introduced innovative technology while the time proven design remains constant.

The judges said:

‘Excellent use of miniature light sources to create a completely flexible display system. Not strictly speaking a luminaire but a good example of the increased integration of light sources into architectural and display elements’

Finalists & judges' comments

Fenestra by Flos Outdoor
‘Compact product with good performance and low glare. A lovely and technically accomplished product’

Excellent product performance across the family of RISE F080 products. It has a range of innovations to make it a versatile and complete system’

Modular Lighting Instruments by Qbini
‘Extremely flexible system allowing multiple combinations of performance, optical control and aesthetic within the same product.’

Rich Brilliant Willing + Meyer Davis Lighting Collection by Meyer Davis
‘Simple but elegant designs to work indoors and out. Great added flexibility to show how a pendant installation can become flexible’

Rivo Forty by TM Lighting
‘Flexible optics, lenses and filters within a compact product’

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