FX Awards 2015: The winners

Public Space Scheme

Winner: Windhover Contemplative Center

By Aidlin Darling Design

Windhover Contemplative Center
Image Credit: Matthew Millman

Category sponsored by Crosswater

The Contemplative Center is intended for quiet reflection throughout the day for any Stanford student or staff member, as well as members of the larger community. The Center is conceived of as a unification of art, landscape and architecture.

Louvred skylights wash the Nathan Oliveira paintings in natural light. The remaining space is kept intentionally dark to focus the visitor's attention on the naturally highlighted paintings and the landscape beyond.

Water is used throughout as an aid for contemplation; fountains within the main gallery and the courtyard provide ambient sound while a still reflecting pool to the south reflects the surrounding trees. Exterior contemplation spaces are integrated into the use of the Center, allowing views to the natural surroundings as well as to the paintings within.

The judges said:

'This spiritual space provides a refuge from the intensity of daily life, a true unification of art, landscape and architecture to replenish and invigorate the spirit.'

Finalists & judges' comments

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu by Elena Galli Giallini and Spawton Architecture
'Striking and sculptural compositions'

Rhetoric of Space by Cai-In Interior Design Co
'Layers upon layers of expression'

Rhythm of Light by Cai-In Interior Design Co
'A dynamic visual concept'

Back to Front by Jason Bruges Studios
'Enjoyable and dynamic'

Landskate by SCOB Architecture and Landscape
'Effective integration of different spaces'

Light of Noah's Arc by Secure Stone Architectural Space Planning Firm
'A simplistic but meaningful space

Pavilion of Dreams by Secure Stone Architectural Space Planning Firm
'Flexible and multifunctional'


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