FX Awards 2015: The winners

Public, Leisure or Office Furniture

Winner: ODOS series: Urban Furniture by SCOB architecture and landscape

Public Leisure

Image Credit: Adrià Goula / Anna Pericas

Category sponsored by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

The set of table, desk and stools of the ODOS series, inspired by school classrooms and home dining rooms, is designed to work as a meeting point. The furniture, which is made of slim concrete, has soft and flexible lines, so when placed outdoors looks natural as well as elegant.

The ODOS range of products designed for public space and landscapes is ideal for anyone wishing to have a meal, a conversation or even to work.

Slimconcrete is a technological evolution of UHPC concrete that uses a combination of superior properties that make it possible to design and manufacture fine, complex shapes, in personalised textures and curves. ESCOFET's specially refined mixture results in a concrete with three times greater compressive, flexural and impact strength than conventional concrete.

The judges said:
'An appealing use of a new material to produce complex shapes, maximising fresh possibilities. It is practical and accessible with great design values and resistant to weather and sunlight.'

Finalists & judges' comments

Oyo Chair by aeris
'A bold aesthetic'

TIMBA Table by Bene
'Revolving turntable cover is an innovative addition'

Coza by Boss Design
'Sophisticated simplicity of form'

Cathedra and Crucifix by Draisci Studio
'Good response to a site-specific brief - beautiful craftsmanship'

Elements Table by Grimshaw
'Elegant and seamless'

Trea by Todd Bracher for Humanscale
'A fresh, classic and versatile design'

Fold Desk by Isomi
'Innovative modular approach'

Edge by Modus Furniture
'Simple and adaptable design'

March by Modus Furniture
'Stackable chair, natural materials and comfort'

Rhyme by naughtone
'Re-configurable public seating with power-data'

Flite by Rodney Kinsman RDI for OMK Design
'A simple and minimalistic concept'

Organic Office by Viasit
'Flexible, functional system, which reflects changing needs'


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