Art and Architects: Hassell Chooses Their Favourite from Tate Britain

Camilla Siggard Anderson from Hassell selects art from the Tate Britain which inspired her work and ideas

WE ARE ON solid ground, sitting or perhaps even lying down, looking across a sea of propellers towards the narrow strip of horizon and the wide open sky. The wind is soft. It smells like the ocean. There’s a dance playing out before our eyes, performed by the curved bronze blades as they are animated by the sweltering sun and the promise of a nearby adventure. Human shouts and persistent metallic clangs fill our ears. Somewhere outside of our frame of vision, the ships are being prepared.

Edward Wadsworth’s Bronze Ballet is beautifully painted in warm, soft dabs that speak of lazy summer days by the sea. At the same time, the perspective is in dramatic forward motion and the industrial motif is all about energy and power. I find this tension equally fascinating and familiar – like oscillating between the left and the right side of the brain, between rational thought and passionate emotion.

Did I say we were on solid ground? Scrap that. Let’s put these propellers to the test.


Camilla Siggaard Andersen, Hassell
Camilla Siggaard Andersen, Hassell

Camilla is based in London and leads urban resilience research at Hassell, bringing together strategic intelligence and creative design to unlock social, economic, and ecological outcomes for people and place. Having studied Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Denmark and at McGill University in Canada, Camilla joined the urban quality consultancy Gehl in Copenhagen and New York, before moving to London three years ago to expand her strategic design practice with the Arup Digital Studio.

Through these experiences, Camilla has had the opportunity to work with cities and communities across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. With Hassell, Camilla looks forward to continue discovering and sharing knowledge of how to design places people love.

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