Designer gift picks for 2015

It's that time of year again to find the perfect gifts for your friends, family, co-workers, cats and whoever else you plan to gift this holiday season. DesignCurial speaks with five top figures in the design industry and discovers their best picks

Pernille Stafford

Principal at Resonate Interiors

With a plethora of accolades under her belt, we ask Pernille Stafford managing director at Resonate Interiors what her top picks for Christmas 2015 would be (see main image).

Top gift you'd like to receive?
I would absolutely love a Cartier Tank solo watch classic and beautiful.

Gift you'd like to give?
Happiness, a Ski Chalet in The Alps: Cool modern and space for lots of mates to party!!

Money no object gift?
A George Jensen Fusion ring: timeless and modern.

Affordable, but still very chic gift?
A beautiful bottle of Pink champagne with bubbles and laughter to go with!

The thoughtful gift?
Obviously the thoughtful gift is a couple of champagne flutes! From the Museum of modern art.


Steve Bays

Managing director of Century Office

Steve Bays has been in the Century Office family since the young age of nine when his father, uncle and grandfather founded the business back in the 1970s.

Top gift you'd like to receive?
To have my beautiful Jaguar car restored to its full health! The poor thing has been neglected over the years but it is one of only 50 manual XJR's made and it is my dream to get it back up and running in all its former glory.

Gift you'd like to give?
I would love to have a ring made for my wife that replicates one she lost on Christmas Eve two years ago. It was her absolute pride and joy but we never had any photos of it so getting it made would be from memory and it would never be the same.


Money no object gift?
I would love to treat someone special to a weekly VIP theatre visit, with luxury meal, car, VIP seats and so on, so that they would feel really special every single week!

Affordable, but still very chic gift?
I think one of our Zip-Air chairs with a different colour cover for every day would fit this bill!

The thoughtful gift?
I think my wife tops this one by organising Christmas dinners to be delivered to local residents who are alone on Christmas Day! What she and the volunteers give to these elderly 'guests' is the best gift I could think of.



Zip-Air chairs from Century Office

John Miller

Co-founder at MARK Product

John Miller is co-founder of MARK Product alongside Anna Hart. Working in London and Cornwall, Miller designs furniture with the rest of the MARK team.

Top gift you'd like to receive?
Can I have a Rath Bass Trombone please? These are designed and made in by Michael Rath in Huddersfield. Beautifully designed and balanced, pared down and with a lovely engineered aesthetic. They have some great photography on their website...
I took up the trombone a couple of years ago after a 25 year gap and it has become a bit of an obsession. I am afraid I even practice at work sometimes much to the consternation of my colleagues.

Gift you'd like to give?
Staying with music, I rashly said I would by my daughter a grand piano if she passed her grade five. She passed and then I saw how much they cost! So the qualification bar has been raised to grade eight. Wouldn't it just be the most amazingly flamboyant thing to give someone a grand piano! Trouble is I have two other kids and would have to find something of equal flamboyance for them. Basically this one is a bit of a pipe dream.

Money no object gift?
See above.

Affordable, but still very chic gift?
I love giving flowers and wish they didn't have connotations of romance - they are nice to give to both sexes and not only when you have upset someone. Last year we (MARK) sent lots of our friends and colleagues a bunch of daffs in a tube (the daffodils come out earlier in Cornwall so it was a harbinger of spring). It cost next to nothing but was fun to do and I think people liked receiving them.

The thoughtful gift?
I prefer impulsive gifts than thoughtful gifts - the worthy book token that says 'you should get off your games console and try visiting a bookshop'. The restaurant vouchers (although nice to receive) that seem to imply we should be getting our more! I think always something the person would not buy for themselves, or even put on a list. Big things are good too. Here is a thoughtfulness checklist:
1. Who made this gift and what will they be doing this Christmas?
2. Where will this gift be in 5 years' time? In a drawer? In use? Cherished? Trashed?
3. Am I giving this gift as an act of self-promotion?
4. Am I trying to influence the receiver's behaviour by the giving of this gift?

Hard isn't it!

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