The best graduate work of 2014

Abbey Jones
Nottingham Trent University
Product Design

Already a registered design, the Welly Wallet came about from Jones working at a festival, not wanting to carry a bag and then having nowhere to put her cards, cash and other small bits.

Abbey Jones, Nottingham Trent University, Product Design

It's a simple idea, the wallet tucks in and folds over the boot top, providing 'a safe, waterproof, storage pocket for all you need when on the move' -- as long as you're wearing wellies, that is. Jones believes it has 'endless development possibilities... and could be the beginning of a new range of accessories for boot wearers.' JT

Elizabeth O'Neill
University of Bath

O'Neill's Institute of Culinary Arts imagines the regeneration of a run-down area of Budapest, previously an urban wasteland of derelict blocks and vast vacant plots. The design reclaims a semi-demolished existing building, preserving the character of the old.

Elizabeth O’Neill, University of Bath, Architecture

The pragmatic but jewel-like contemporary insertion provides transparency and exposes the building's interior workings to passersby. O'Neill's drawings and models picture a space that is well thought out and delicately imagined.CSH

William Middleton
Northumbria University
Three Dimensional Design

There's a lovely simplicity and easy elegance, with an attention to detail, on the Greenbelt Chair.

William Middleton, Northumbria University, Three Dimensional Design

The upholstery has been designed to be fully removable through a series of unique strap and button combinations, which also helps to create the lovely back detail and form.

William Middleton, Northumbria University, Three Dimensional Design

It feels like something Ercol should now be producing. The piece is 'organic' in both form and material use according to Middleton, made as it is from local FSC-certified white American oak and finished with Danish Oil. JT

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