The best graduate work of 2014

Nathaniel Schofield
University of Derby
Product Design

It's one of those things that seems like such a good idea, that you wonder why nobody else has done it before. Submerge is somewhere between the classic snorkel and full-on scuba (self-contained underwater breathing apparatus), that has turned diving into a massive sport.

Nathaniel Schofield, University of Derby, Product Design

It uses quick-change compressed air cylinders to allow snorkellers to become shallow divers for up to six minutes. A warning-light system in the user's peripheral vision keeps them abreast of how much air is left.

Nathaniel Schofield, University of Derby, Product Design

The quick-change system means that spent cylinders can be easily swapped out for fresh ones; spent cylinders can be repressurised with a compressor or taken along to the local diving shop for refilling. JT

Johanna Schmeer
Royal College of Art
Design Interactions

Two school girls in pleated skirts are taking selfies in front of Bioplastic Fantastic, a human-sized, bright, white cocoon with playthings -- part prosthetic, part massive microorganism, part sex toy. Adjacent, a film puts these pieces into play. A shiny, fleshy gourd oozes saliva-like droplets into a red lip-sticked mouth.

Johanna Schmeer, Royal College of Art, Design Interactions

This is a surgically clean and colour co-ordinated utopia for one, where knives and forks, and maybe children, are not allowed. The pieces are beautifully made and tantalizingly out of reach, with a polite sign denying us a place on stage to act out our own fantasies. KS

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