The best graduate work of 2014

Simon Dean
Kingston University

This project imagines a bathhouse emerging from a quarry, carved from the flow of Mount Vesuvius last eruption. It is hidden away in a craggy landscape of caves and crevasses.

Simon Dean, Kingston University, Architecture

Dean's models beautifully suggest the layers of time that inform the shape and size of the bathhouse. It isn't so much a building as a space formed by the natural world. CSH

Amelia Hunter
Royal College of Art

Hats off to Slough, is the best drawing I saw this year. It's like a brilliantly realised Edwardian fever dream. This is part of a wider project that speculates on the circumstances in which building on the Green Belt might be acceptable.

Amelia Hunter, Royal College of Art, Architecture

Hunter's work is to do with attempting to change perceptions on infrastructural sites -- whether landfill, motorway service stations or the HS2 corridor. All of this stems from the unit's collective research into the Metropolitan Green Belt, which gives Hunter's project the opportunity to be quietly revolutionary. EB

Lily Carver
University of Brighton

Carver's project proposes a series of structures around London's Elephant and Castle for the cultivation of ingredients used in the cuisine of Latin America's indigenous peoples.

Lily Carver, University of Brighton, Architecture

In an energetic dialogue between intricate models and captivating drawings, she presents designs for interwoven spaces with varied exposure to light and air that reveal the growth and production of food in a dense urban setting.

Dynamic and useful buildings celebrate a minority group in the heart of London's Latin American community. AA

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