The best graduate work of 2014

Robert McCombie
Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication

McCombie's Hack]_tory, explores and exploits the relationships the public has with electrical products (e-products) that are near or at the end of their useful life.

The proposal looks at a new and innovative way of utilising the local community's e-waste, turning the out of date into an asset and benefit for the civic economy.

Robert McCombie, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Architecture

McCombie combines strong renders with a clear obsession with the subject to create an ambitious, dynamic scheme that creates adaptable spaces for community-based events. KHa

Barthelemy Vautravers
Northumbria University

Reflections of a Ruin is inspired by the ruins of the past, present and future, and in particular those of Northumberland. The scheme provides a gallery for ruins, housing the work of artists exhibited at Tate Britain's recent Ruin Lust exhibition for example.

Barthelemy Vautravers, Northumbria University, Architecture

Vautravers also describes the building as a ruin in itself and there are some fantastic visualisations of the concrete spaces, designed to be written on and engraved by visitors. Overall, the project is well thought out and articulated with neat models and atmospheric details. CSH

Oliver Riviere
University of Brighton

Riviere proposes new buildings to line the north edge of Regent's Park, where Nash's terraces end and green space meets the Regent's Canal and Camden Town.

Oliver Riviere, University of Brighton, Architecture

Remarkable drawings present close readings of local built forms and typologies in this rich context. His final scheme collages the results of his investigations within four bays of a new terrace to create a design of considered spatial richness.

An enticing architectural riff on the Georgian townhouse and its adaptation. Alex Arestis

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