Champalimaud Design / St Regis Jakarta, Indonesia

Drawing upon the Indonesian capital’s rich cultural aesthetic and love for music, the St Regis Jakarta has a distinctly musical tone to its design.

Words By Emily Martin


Interior design Champalimaud Design  
Architect of Record  PT Pandega Desain Weharima PDW
Client St. Regis Hotels & Resorts
Completion December 2022
Size TBC

NEW YORK-BASED interior design studio Champalimaud Design has delivered striking spaces throughout the St Regis Jakarta by incorporating Indonesia’s traditions of design, music and art. Responsible for the Grand Hall, Drawing Room and Tea Room, St Regis Bar, J.J.A Restaurants, Bel Étage, Rosé Gourmand Deli and Lumens Bar, the studio has created spaces that evoke connections, engagement and conversation, taking guests on an enriched journey through the hotel.

An aerial external view of the front facade of the St Regis Jakarta

‘Inspired by the rich jazz traditions of Indonesia, we looked to infuse Jakarta’s cultural heritage with a contemporary energy. We collaborated with local artists to elevate our designs and create an immersive, memorable visit for guests. We hope the hotel will be experienced as a representation of the city, captivating for both locals and guests from far away,’ comments Courtney Brannan, principal at Champalimaud Design. Indonesia’s rich musical heritage provided key inspiration for Champalimaud Design.

The central chandelier above the main bar is a custom designed glass sculpture inspired by the trombone and saxophone

Gamelan is the traditional instrumental ensemble of Indonesia and an integral part of Indonesian culture heard at religious ceremonies, celebrations, and dance performances. The harmony between dance and music is echoed in the kinetic ‘Sound of Light’ chandelier in the lobby, created in collaboration with celebrated Czech glassmaker LASVIT. The chandelier’s lighting elements follow the lead of the music playing, undulating and moving according to the sounds and rhythm of the music by Indonesian composer Andi Rianto. The chandelier produces a shimmering light that dances across the space and illuminates the ceiling, creating a memorable arrival for guests.

Delicate lighting provides stark framing for the beverages in an otherwise moodily lit room

‘The wallcovering mimics the sound waves of jazz, while the striking mural captures the interplay of jazz and art, reflecting the rhythm, energy, and spirit of the history of jazz in Indonesia’, explains Brannan. ‘The mural was created by Indonesian artist Eddy Susanto and the studio collaborated with Susanto on the colour, figures, and segmentation of the piece. Inspired by Java Jazz, the mural is “painted” using texts depicting Javanese Wayang Figures in Javanese Shadow Puppet Performances.’

The hotel was designed to be able to transition throughout the day, including moodier spaces at night

There are a diverse range of musical genres in Indonesia and the hotel’s signature St Regis Bar, unique and different at every St Regis hotel around the world, is full of details and nods to the different instruments and elements of music. The central chandelier above the main bar is a custom designed glass sculpture inspired by the trombone and saxophone, incorporating long cylinders of bronze intermingled with clear and etched glass cylinders as standout features.

The bar is full of details and nods to the different instruments and elements of music

Incorporating the work and spirit of the local community and artisans is integral to Champalimaud Design’s philosophy and the St Regis Jakarta is a celebration of Indonesian art, with the studio’s interpretations of Indonesian design and the work of Indonesian artists incorporated throughout the hotel. In a dynamic video work by artist collective Tromarama, local florals float across the reception area ceiling, adding life to the double volume space.

The original architecture was harsh and masculine, and so the designers introduced some femininity into it to lighten the space

‘The architecture itself originally was harsh and masculine so introducing some femininity into it was important in lightening the space’, comments Brannan. Lumens Bar embraces and explores how light and metals play together, with a colour palette influenced by the bronze tones of instruments. The studio created a central feature that mimics liquid and captures light in different ways as guests walk around the bar, while over the bar are beautiful crystals that are reflected in the room itself and onto the deep red upholstery. The wall architecture is a beautiful rhythm of lines and arches with a champagne coloured gold leaf applied.

Jakarta’s multilayered history is at the heart of the hotel

Dining spaces include the Rose Gourmand Deli, Drawing Room, Tea Room, J.J.A. restaurant, offering upscale dining and Bel Étage, for all day dining. The colour palette of Bel Étage was inspired by the local cuisine of Indonesia. Rich reds, oranges and saffron colours, reminiscent of the persimmons and turmeric used in Indonesia, were woven throughout the space. The studio introduced designs that would allow the space to transition throughout the day, morning light turning into a moodier setting at night.

There are numerous nods to Indonesian design and artistic aesthetics throughout the hotel

The design sees a strong sense of history and heritage maintained, supported by innovative and playful design. The city’s multilayered history is at the heart of the hotel, with the symphony of Jakarta’s cultural refinements, design, music and art brought together. Champalimaud Design’s work is created through the lens of the visitor with the he studio expressing the individual character of each space through extensive research and the weaving of considered materials, colours and textures.


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