CGTrader Awards

Searching for the latest news in 3D technology? CGTrader have done the hard work for you and this year kick started the CGTrader Awards to collate the best 3D online resources, software, tools and designers.

Courtesy of the CGTrader Awards, you can now navigate to the latest news, technological advances and more, behind the 3D printing movement.

662 designers undertook qualitative and quantitative surveys to select their favoured sites for the industry, while the entire CGTrader community of 180,000 members voted on each category. The final awards were released 12 May 2015.

Categories covered: resources and inspiration - where to go for 3D news; inspirational online resource; self-education websites; software - 3D tools and render engines; and 3D industry stars, which included the Most Influential Designer and Rising Star awards.

The Most Influential Designer's category was ranked on how they affected and inspired CGTrader community members and was won by Marek Denko, while the Rising Star award recognised aspiring talent and a future prospect for the Most Influential Designer's award - Ryan Kittleson received the honour.

This is the first time the CGTrader community have released the awards, but they are aiming to make it an annual event.

To view the full breakdown of winners and more information, visit CGTrader Awards.

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