Breathing building concept on trial in Scotland

With changing regulations in the UK to meet Zero Carbon Targets, two Scottish companies - Lomond Timber Frame and Energyflow Construction Technologies - have developed a dynamic ‘breathing building’ concept featuring open timber frame.

This new building concept with open timber frame claims to minimize the energy costs for the home owner. The insulation system 'Energyflo Cell', incorporated in the buildings, promises to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality. The Dynamic Breathing Building system is air-permeable, thus providing warm ventilation air in winter using heat from the home. The versatile system also allows cool air to circulate in summer months. Simultaneously, the air is also filtered offering benefits to dwellers in the form of improved indoor air quality.

The companies are testing the new concept in houses located at Lomond Homes' New Farm Vale development in Fife, Scotland. The three month pilot project features cutting-edge 'green' insulation in the walls.

Three houses will be monitored at the site for three months, using electronic devices to measure energy savings in different weather conditions. Two of the houses have been equipped with 'Dynamic Breathing Building' technology with a conventional insulation being installed in the third house.

The houses were built as part of the Fife Alliance Affordable Housing program through a contract between Kingdom Housing Association and Lomond Homes. These were officially handed over in January 2010 to begin the trials.

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