AW2 / Wink Hotels, Danang Riverside, Vietnam

This striking Vietnamese hotel is home to a blend of traditional design practices that pay homage to Vietnamese street culture and modern aesthetics.

Words By Emily Martin

Images By Danang Photographer


Interior design AW2
Client Wink Hotels
Size 15,800 sq m
Completion date May 2023

INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE and interior design studio AW2 has completed the design of Wink Hotel Danang Riverside; a 25-level hotel with 287 hotel rooms and 70 suites. It’s the brand’s first hotel to offer serviced apartments and uses design scheme which embodies a pop culture energy where accommodation, work and leisure come together in one building. AW2 has delivered a modern, vibrant, blended space underpinned by traditional Vietnamese values, inspired from local street life, and features artwork from local artists. Positioned on the Han River, Wink Hotel Danang Riverside is a gateway to Danang’s tourist activities.

The hotel embodies a pop culture energy, where accommodation, work and leisure come together

‘The concept of the Wink Hotels resonates strongly with the dynamic new generation of travellers and the Danang Riverside branch is designed for this fast-growing, fast-changing society that remains connected to local traditions while simultaneously embracing contemporary trends,’ comments Reda Amalou, founder & partner / Stéphanie Ledoux, partner architect, AW2.

Quirky and bright colours fill the space, with the addition of unconventional decor such as bicycle frames included beneath counters

Attracting these travellers, the hotel features high-tech experiences with automated check-in, cashless and contactless vending machines which are available throughout the hotel. While in the ‘Wink Space’ lobby, guests are invited to mingle over a locally brewed craft beer or customised cocktail while taking in the expansive views of the Han River. Guests also enjoy the panoramic views on the hotel’s design-conscious rooftop retreat Hai Pool + Bar.

The hotel is positioned on the Han River, giving it commanding and striking views over the waterfront.

Amalou and Ledoux comment: ‘Collaborative spaces are made to encourage visitors and the public to use the public areas at their leisure. The shared spaces are composed into different flexible zones consisting of an entrance ‘Wink Space’ lobby, a lounge with integrated library and games area and food and beverage facilities. The food and beverage facilities cater to all needs including the Wink Bar, “grab and go” self-service, breakfast bar and dining areas. For the hotel guests, the bedrooms have been efficiently designed to be compact, with bespoke furniture that maximises space usage and with a strong brand identity throughout. With three different colour spectrum schemes, the external sunshades act as an extension to the hotel interiors and reflect the colour themes found in each hotel bedroom.’

The hotel’s leisure spaces are bright, colourful and invite guests to mingle over craft beers.

The project brings Vietnamese street life into the lobby and public areas of the hotel with street life-inspired furniture designed by AW2 and an interior design that resonates with the outside urban environment. A specific colour palette has been created for the brand by AW2, which is deployed throughout the hotel; from the bespoke sunshades on the façade down to the cushion fabrics. The bold and vibrant exterior design attracts attention from the outside, acting as a beacon for the wider neighbourhood.

Wink Hotels Danang Riverside also includes offers serviced apartments, a first for the brand.

Amalou and Ledoux comment: ‘The interior design is centred around creating a fun and dynamic environment, using furniture styles based on the street food culture such as food carts for the self-service food and beverage facilities and bicycles repurposed as table legs for the breakfast bars.

Inside, guests not only have ample room to work and play, but also to get on with life’s more motonous tasks, such as with the provision of a laundry suite.

‘The Wink brand is a contrast of traditional style with modern forward-thinking originality. It aims to deliver vibrant, innovative experiences for all its guests and users. The Wink brand is the transmission of AW2’s savoirfaire in resort architecture to an urban context and will roll out across Vietnam over several sites in the years to come.’

Inside, guests not only have ample room to work and play, but also to get on with life’s more motonous tasks, such as with the provision of a laundry suite.



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