Audrey Lovelock designs interior for Lansdowne house

Designer Audrey Lovelock has designed a stylish interior for the Lansdowne house, an old Edwardian property in central London, which was originally built for struggling artists.

Designed with minute architectural details and lavish furnishings, the property stands as a sleek building, which excites the senses. The stylish Lansdowne house features both soft and stone related design elements with mushroom velvet art-deco style seating, fur blankets, marble floor and white plastered walls, a breathing open fire, and sharp angles.

Created with simple design elements, the minimalist interior features satin chrome finished Focus SB electrical face-plates, which add an extra defined edge, glitz, shine and shimmer, to the remotely lit interior.

These electrical plates sit flat on the wall while the satin finish gives the plates a subtle silk-like appearance. A black wall, against which the plates are laid, juxtaposes their satin shine and provides a striking impression to the electrical sockets.

Lansdowne House is a building to the southwest of Berkeley Square in central London, and was designed by Robert Adam as a private house. Since 1935, it has been the home of the Lansdowne Club.

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