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#8 University of Florida

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Student hall name: Ivy House and Windsor Hall


The University of Florida (UF) at Gainesville, Florida, offers its students its self-proclaimed (but not inaccurately so) luxury dorms: Ivy House and Windsor Hall.

These halls are both miles ahead of UF's traditional housing and their key amenities include:

- Elevators
- Jetted Jacuzzis
- Private bathrooms
- Parking garage
- Sun deck
- Swimming pool
- Dorm rooms more than 2x larger

gfgdeWindsor Hall interior

Ivy House embodies an opulent exterior with large white columns, forest green shutters, brick and beautiful landscaping - not your average university accommodation that's for sure. With the hall set atop an underground garage, this gives students access to private parking.

Students also enjoy:

- Private deck
- Jetted Jacuzzis
- Gourmet kitchens with granite countertops
- Rooms 2x larger than UF traditional dorms

ftghfrIvy House interior

Prices at Ivy House range from $585 (£388) per month for a double room, to $735 (£488) per month for a single room.

Windsor Hall is situated against a wetland and park that provides residents with a beautiful alternative to regular housing views.

Key facilities:

- Swimming pool
- Quiet study room
- Large sun deck
- Kitchenette
- Private bathroom
- Gourmet kitchen
- Rooms 60% larger than UF traditional dorms

The price of this luxury accommodation starts at $499 (approximately £331) per month for a triple room, up to $874 (£580) per month for a private single room with a bathroom.

gfdWindsor Hall exterior

All images courtesy of luxury residence halls Trimark Properties

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