America’s most luxurious halls of residence

#5 The University of Arizona

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Student hall name: Hub at Tucson


With a website stating, 'Elevate your lifestyle', it can't get more opulent than the 'Hub' at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

This student housing in the heart of Arizona's Sonoran Desert has done a top job of making its residents comfortable. An impressive rooftop is much like an oasis with not just an infinity pool but an accompanying hot tub with a leafy green feature wall, providing relief from the warm weather.


Key amenities:

- Rooftop infinity edge pool
- Hot tub
- Feature wall
- Sun lounges next to and in the pool
- Foosball and pool tables
- Patio chairs and more lounges


And it doesn't stop there; those are just the rooftop facilities. Taking advantage of the outdoors, the Hub also includes a terrace, or students can relax at the spa:- 22ft LED outdoor TV screen

- Fire pit
- Sand volleyball court surrounded by stadium seating
- 'Amenity courtyard' decked out in quaint seating
- Barbeque grills
- Steam room
- Sauna
- Tanning beds


At the far end of the photograph above you can see the 22ft LED outdoor TV screen behind the sand volleyball court.

Students have a collection of choices when it comes to rooms, and these can even include a spa in their unit.The price of such lavish housing can range from $1,545 (approximately £1,030) per person (for 12 instalments) for the Ruby 1 unit of one bed and one bathroom, to $5,660pp (£3,772) for the Amethyst 8 Mansion where there are five bedrooms and five bathrooms.


These mansion rooms also each feature:

- Private terrace hot tub
- Built-in sound system
- LED Smart TV


All images courtesy of Core Spaces

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