Alberto Apostoli designs Residence Santa Caterina project in Verona

Italian design studio Alberto Apostoli has designed Residence Santa Caterina, which was recently inaugurated in Verona, Italy.

Spanning over an area of 35000 square metres, the eco-friendly design project includes 56 buildings of three types: 75, 150 or 225 square meters. The building area is divided into eight blocks. Each house has a special, unique style that is consistent with the general design of the residential complex. The houses are two-storey with a ground floor.

The complex is situated in a green area with well equipped footpaths, near the city center. The residential area is spread over 21,000 square meters, with the park occupying 10,000 square meters. The complex can accommodate 80 cars.

The innovativeness and modernity of the design are provided by the use of environment. The aim of the architect was to create a space which will be pleasant to walk through for residents with the houses and the environment creating a unique harmonious landscape. The architecture of the complex is composed of vertical elements, which enables the amount of living space to gain volume and conceal the ground floor.

For the project Alberto Apostoli used rigorous and simple elements that also visually relieve the volume, such as stained glass windows. In total, three types of coatings - stucco, stone and green stratified laminate - are used in the project. The walls are faced with one material inside and outside to give the complex a unique, harmonious style. Combining the space inside and outside of houses lend an atmosphere of community. Home and street are also united by lighting, namely, the uniformity of installed lamps. The same idea integrates the lighting of trees and houses.

Studio Alberto Apostoli was also involved in the project of the park and lawns of the complex. It includes "hanging" gardens and ornamental hedges. Along the stone walkways, plants which are unique to the region have been planted. The complex is completely enclosed from the outside, while internally the separation is provided by lawns, not fences.

The project also utilises the best energy-saving technologies such as solar panels and power plants, and the latest modern materials. All this creates a unique atmosphere without excessive luxury.

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