• Light + Tech

    Jill Entwistle takes us through some of this year’s award-winning lighting installations.

  • The Vital Arts

    David Trigg takes us on a tour of how the arts and creativity are being employed in clinical settings to promote wellbeing and health

  • Aviva Studios, Manchester

    Whatever happened at the Factory? A ‘landmark new cultural space for Manchester and the world’ is a far cry from Factory Records

  • Brief Encounters

    What’s the benefit to a city of a public art festival? It very much depends on how – and where – you do it

  • Frame of Mind

    FX invites you to see what inspires, captivates and motivates leading designers

  • Radical Thinking

    James Soane urges us to look to a future that has a healthy and circular relationship with the world we live in

  • Brief Encounters

    In the heart of Vilnius’s Old Town, Veronica Simpson visits an unlikely but ambitious refurbishment of a medieval palace

  • Wilson Mason / Artistry House / Manchester Museum, Manchester

    With more than 130 years of heritage, the Manchester Museum needed a tasteful update to bring it into the modern world.

  • Fred Rigby Studios / Oliver Heath / LESTRANGE, London

    LESTRANGE’s aim has been to meld practical and accessible shopping with biophilic natural design

  • Squire & Partners / 78 St James’s Street, London

    Adding a life-extending redevelopment to the former members’ club, 78 St James’s Street in London is reimagined as a multi-tenant, clubhouse-style environment.