• Bright Futures

    Four representatives of the lighting industry predict future developments in the design and manufacture of luminaires – and choose one of their own products to exemplify the shape of things to come

  • Lighting Design - Five things that will change lighting

    Iain Macrae, an independent lighting consultant and former president of the Society of Light and Lighting, looks at what will have the most impact on lighting over the next five years.

  • Beyond Lighting

    Together with the latest media technology, light has the power to influence human behaviour and transform interior spaces, says Tapio Rosenius, founder of Lighting Design Collective.

  • Exhibition - An Italian Master of Design

    This spring, the Design Museum in London pays homage to the masterful Enzo Mari.

  • The National Gallery's third century

    Stephen Hitchins takes us on a journey through the gallery’s history while providing us with a glimpse into its future.

  • Workplace - Come Back

    Veronica Simpson reports on how workspaces are luring employees back to their office desks.

  • Talking Points

    Mark Mason, CEO of Zebra, reflects on his 25 years in retail.

  • Radical Thinking

    Sumele Adelana, product specialist at Trimble SketchUp, reveals what makes her tick.

  • Client File - Alix Gilmer

    Alix Gilmer, the director of the Inspiring People project, speaks about her role in the transformation of London’s National Portrait Gallery.

  • Brief Encounters

    Highlights from the third Design For Planet festival.