• Bar & Leisure Focus : Back to the future

    While we do not yet have hoverboards and flying cars, there’s always time for a little bit of imagination. Science fiction meets design fact in this collection of space age venues

  • Bar & Leisure Focus: On the beach

    ???While many people do like to be beside the seaside, seafront environments demand buildings that are robust but sensitive, posing unique design challenges that are not replicated elsewhere

  • Bar & Leisure Focus - Meet John Burton

    Meet John Burton the designer behind Merlin’s new World of Jumanji. Burton’s designs work hard to bring the fantastical and the dream-like to life in spectacular fashion

  • One to Watch - Rawside

    Showcasing the unique furniture of Rawside

  • Client File

    Where some people view themselves as artists, engineers or architects, Richard Moss likes to take a more interdisciplinary approach to his design practice and ethos

  • Run for the Hills / Yeast Bakery, London

    The Yeast Bakery’s new London home turns a drab and dreary industrial building into a warm and welcoming venue where customers can enjoy tasty food and great coffee

  • Bar & Leisure Focus: Go for Green

    Customers linger for longer in environments that celebrate the natural world as they feel more at ease when they indulge their innate love for nature

  • Fletcher Priest / Warwick Court, London

    It is not always the case that the old must make way for the new. Warwick Court is enhanced to make it work with the modern world we inhabit

  • Profile - Dieter Rams

    Dieter Rams is the definition of a design living legend who is still hard at work

  • Brief Encounters

    How do we improve the UK’s appalling housing provision for those who fall through the gaps? Citizens House presents a radical new model for truly affordable housing