Raw interiors: unfinished, bare surfaces

Raw interiors are bare and unfinished in character: the tactile features of stripped plaster or bareface brick or concrete surfaces are a hymn to imperfection.

The CEDIT Archeologie and Storie collections are ideal for the realisation of this trend.

The poetics of the wall.

The forgotten wall.

A past memory that emerges on contemporary walls. The concept of memory expressed through flaws and irregularities in the surfaces of walls is central to the poetics of Franco Guerzoni, designer of the Archeologie collection for CEDIT. Both intimate and secret and collective and shared, the memory evoked by the artist is discontinuous and often indecipherable, frequently only perceptible through the intriguing abstract forms visible in the fragments of stripped and damaged surfaces.

A wall is like a book to be opened, a journey into the interior, revealing the experiences, memories, signs and symbols which this fragment of masonry has absorbed over the centuries.”

— Franco Guerzoni

The faded wall fresco, damp stains in plaster.

The theme of passing time, the changes wrought in matter by weather and the actions of man, has always been central to architects’ creative thought; some have responded by embracing the idea of making the signs of age obvious, accepting them as they appear or accelerating their onset by even encouraging or precociously triggering it.

Zanellato & Bortotto, designers of the Storie collection, are strongly attuned to this phenomenon, and interpret it by engaging in a duel with time - and above all with history - in which it is never clear who is winning: design or object, man or nature, culture or time. It is probably this tension between possibilities which gives the whole Storie project its universal significance.

The wall is a synecdoche: it is the part of a whole that expresses an idea of solidity, the layering of time, the passage of lives. Storie gives form to this metaphor by drawing a line that links classical elegance to a sophisticated modernity of taste and style.

The creative duo have explored the theme in depth to design this project: the walls of historic Italian homes, country villas and aristocratic palazzos, farmhouses and even old factories provide an unlimited source of motifs, colours, textures and materials.

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