opera by Roberta Coni

Galeries Bartoux London - May 25th – June 18th

The Solo exhibition ‘Opera’ by Italian artist Roberta Coni opens on the 25th of May in the prestigious London headquartes of the Galeries Bartoux, offering a series of paintings dedicated to Italian Opera, interpreting their complex nature from a pictorial point of view.

In respect of the most complex show that can be seen in the theatre, the artist immerses herself in the most representative personalities of the opera, translating their impetus with emotional participation. From a conceptual point of view, the close proximity to Botticelli is palpable: like the Florentine artist, Roberta Coni paints the ascent to spirituality, with delicate and eloquent contemporary lyricism.

The cornerstone of her research is the representation of what is transcendent: without neglecting the role of love and beauty, mediating and necessary virtues for human existence, Roberta Coni dedicates herself to a refined sublimation of reality, nevertheless crossed by a pulsating energy that reveals its vital force. The materialization of the idea, what is closest to thought, finds expression in the line traced on the canvas, at the same time an indication of unequivocal technical expertise and manifestation of the power of the unconscious. Like Kazuo Shiraga, Roberta Coni entrusts a wholly spiritual force to the immediacy of the gesture, thus allowing the soul to trace its own path. The balance between the figurative and the informal finds synthesis in the visual experience, which reveals the successful search for a harmony between necessary opposites.

A central fixity drags the gaze into the work, following an internal rhythm that appears to respond to a beat of its own, made explicit through the thin red thread which, running around the profiles of the figures, places them outside ordinary time. On display large canvases, which represent subjects taken from the most famous and most loved works, moving from Verdi's Aida, Othello and Joan of Arc to Puccini's Turandot, next to which Juliet and Romeo will be placed by Gounod, together with Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor.

A coherent exhibition with great expressive force, through which Roberta Coni once again reveals herself as an interpreter of great intensity.


Galeries Bartoux London is delighted to invite you to the opening of the solo show "OPERA" on Thursday 25 May from 6.30pm (local time). Come to meet Roberta Coni and let yourself be transported for an evening by the power and passion that emanates from her compositions, which will be enhanced throughout the evening by the notes of an opera singer. The Italian ambassador from London, accompanied by his wife, will be present on this occasion.

104 New Bond Street

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