Navy blue: the depth in the design

Navy Blue is a color with a strong personality which, in its vibrant hue, is highly suggestive in the field of Interior Design.

  • CROMATICA | Opale lucido 120x240
  • CROMATICA | Opale lucido 6x24
  • CROMATICA | Bianco opaco 6x24
  • CROMATICA | Bianco opaco 120x240


Its use in interior design projects is very versatile: effective in defining an extremely elegant Total Look, where color becomes the absolute protagonist of the space, it is also suitable for creating striking, highly incisive and powerful chromatic accents.

In its various shades, it is a harmonious color that refers to fascinating natural sceneries, with particular allusion to marine densities; almost reminiscent of the ocean, Navy Blue is a poetic color that suggests a peaceful confrontation with a wide-ranging horizon.

  • ARALDICA | Triangoli blu 120x240
  • ARALDICA | Cemento 120x240       


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