MeinBrain School Frankfurt creates colourful learning spaces with Postura+

MeinBrain School in Frankfurt have recently refitted all their classrooms with KI’s Postura+ chairs. The school specialises in maths and sciences, holding an annual competition known as MatheMagia Meisterschaft. They pride themselves on having a different outlook to other schools in the country and wanted their learning spaces to reflect this ethos.

Part of this reinvention of the classroom included moving away from traditional school chairs. The teachers at MeinBrain knew from experience that it was important to have furniture that was robust, comfortable and ergonomic, but also cost-effective. To this end, the school reviewed a selection of chairs in different materials. KI’s iconic Postura+ chair sourced from local distribution partner Backwinkel GmbH was found to be the most suitable. The anti-tipping design of the angled back legs were a stand-out feature that set this chair apart from the alternatives.

The chairs are also made with 100% recyclable high-impact polypropylene and are stain-resistant, making them a very practical classroom seating solution. The vast array of colour options allowed the school to create visually stimulating classrooms.

The founder of the school, Mariana Gurmann commented: “It was important for us to have an unbreakable chair which was also extremely comfortable for the children to sit on all day.  We found the Postura+ chair to be the most comfortable and the 20-year warranty gives us piece of mind. We also loved the fact that it brought bright colours to the classroom.”

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