KI to launch Clubhouse at Clerkenwell Design Week

23-25 May 2023 | Old Sessions House, 23 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0NA |

KI are excited to announce the launch of their newest innovation, Clubhouse. Manufactured in the UK, Clubhouse has a new ground up design which features a flexible system of acoustic frames and panels that can be easily assembled and reconfigured to create a variety of private and collaborative spaces.

It’s been designed to revolutionise the way we work and interact in shared spaces by providing a highly customisable solution to any soundproofing need. Its highly rated acoustic performance is at the heart of its design and ensures that conversations remain confidential and free from outside distractions, and subsequently, the wider office isn’t disturbed by any talking taking place. The 10mm glass panels accentuate these acoustic qualities, but also ensure the overall look of the system is in keeping with the stylish, sleek, and streamlined effect achieved by using a carefully chosen selection of materials and chamfered edges and posts.

Situated in the traditional backdrop of Old Sessions House will showcase its versatility, demonstrating how it can be seamlessly integrated into any setting and its modern appearance will juxtapose uniquely against the rustic, raw plaster walls and original chandelier of the room, creating a spectacular contrast between old and new.

Clubhouse is available in a range of sizes from a 1 person ‘Solo Sanctuary’ or ‘Personal Pod’ to an 8 person ‘Quad Quarters’ or 8-10 person ‘Meeting Module’, making it perfect for any activity from personal phone calls, through to formal presentations and brainstorming sessions. Each size can be added to if necessary to create either a larger meeting space or to include an open-end room accessorised with open shelving and curtains.

Advanced features like ventilation, lighting, and technology integration can also be added, as well as a retractable roof (which is fire safety compliant), shelving systems, and overhead gantries. Clubhouse is also DDA compliant and doesn’t require a floor.

Clubhouse can be specified in multiple finishes, providing the option to add colour and texture or simply to complement or match the current colour palette of any workspace.

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