Inspiration Magazine #3: Spaces, people and talent | ACTIU

One of the most important pillars to grow and evolve is to have a committed, skilled and motivated team. The use of the office to attract and retain this talent, through design, sustainability and equipment, is a key factor in generating well-being in people and a powerful culture, which will have a direct effect on productivity and the company's business plan.

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In this new edition of Actiu's Inspiration magazine, we have compiled from the hand of experts and specialists the keys to this transformation, in which design plays an important role, both in terms of processes and business strategy, and in which cultural change must be aligned with the configuration of corporate spaces.


Times change and companies must change with them

It is important for organisations to be more dynamic, flexible, agile, more creative, more respectful of people and the planet. To get there, we need to invest in people and the places they interact with.


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