A Promise of Conscious Efforts from Riviera Home

GoodWeave® certified for the promise of ethical production that supports local communities, Riviera Home crafts fine quality natural carpets by hand with a conscious effort to minimise environmental impact.

For nearly four decades, Riviera Home has been making carpets in India’s historic city of Panipat, known as ‘the city of handcrafted weavers’. Using traditional techniques, its carpets are still made by hand using high quality natural yarns, including undyed wools, bamboo and Tencelä, which is made with wood pulp from sustainable forests.

Riviera Home produces every carpet ethically with a conscious effort to be responsible and is a GoodWeave® certified business. GoodWeave International is a non-profit organisation and the leading institution working to stop child labour in global supply chains. As a GoodWeave® business, every handmade carpet from Riviera Home is without child labour and supports education and decent work for communities.

Kuldeep Singla, chairman, Riviera Home UK, says: “We’ve been hand making carpets using natural yarns since we were founded, so we’ve been adopting a low impact approach to production for nearly 40 years. Still as a family-run company, we’re conscious that the way we make carpets does not just have minimal impact on the climate and the environment, but that it also the supports the communities around us. Our GoodWeave® certification is an example of this in action, as it’s our promise to produce carpets fairly and ethically, to support education and that no child is ever forced into labour.”

Riviera Home’s by hand approach to making carpets is the anti-thesis of mass production, but the company still draws on modern environmental practices used to lower impact by large manufacturers. Using only non-toxic and safe chemicals approved by Oeko-Tex®, generating 20% of its electricity from its own solar field and conserving water through its own treatment and recycling plant; Riviera Home is leading ethical and sustainable handmade carpet production in its region.

“While our ways of craft maybe traditional and passed down by generations of families, it doesn’t mean that can’t look to modern innovations to reduce the impact of what we’re doing,” says Richard Moore, sales and marketing director. “It’s important to us that our carpets are not just considered for their fine quality, but also because they offer a better way of making carpets through a lower footprint.”

The Riviera Home collection is widely available through its Authorised Dealership network.

For further information, call 01299 871446, sales@rivierahomeuk.com, rivierahomeuk.co.uk

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