Design student Peter Kraft from Germany has come up with a concept of expanding light bulbs. Titled Growing Lampshades, the installation of lights is inspired by the natural way light illuminates the darkness.

Kraft explained that when natural light changes the darkness, it happens as a gradual visual process, not suddenly like an electric light does. This gradual process was what Kraft set out to imitate by creating lamps that are expanded and distorted by a heating element inside the bulb, creating spectacular shapes and light games.

The bulbs are made of PET plastic and each bulb can be extended only once. Inside the plastic there is a halogen light source that generates enough heat to soften and distort the plastic shade. The air inside the bulb is also pressurised at around 5 bars, which - combined with the heat - gives the lamps the impulse to grow.

Kraft developed the growing lamps project while an exchange student at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. He exhibited his project with the Academy's Design Bonanza showcase at Ventura Lambrate collective design show during this year's Salone in Milan.