FX Awards 2018 Winners

Public Space Scheme

Winner: Shenzhen Zhongzhou Bay Experience Center by CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) and Shenzhen Asiantime International Construction

Public Space Scheme Winner - Shenzhen Zhongzhou Bay Experience Center by CCD/Cheng Chung Design (HK) and Shenzhen Asiantime International Construction

Zhongzhou Shangsha is unique enough for the young Shenzhen, originally a fishing Village, with the ‘marks from the fishing village’ used as a starting point for the design for the development. After entering this sunken space, which starts to sink from the ground floor, people will see the courtyard, the sky, and the water body at different times, from different angles, and in different visual fields. This is also a kind of sampling from the Chinese classical garden. Changes in space scale also follow this logic: from the ground floor to the narrow walkways in the negative one and two-storey spaces, they reproduce, to a certain extent, the viewing corridors of the classical garden mansions from the past.

Standing in the aisles, the passages between the aisles and outdoor gardens, the space between the aisles and the inner functional areas, you can appreciate the gardens, the clouds in the sky and the interior views on the transitional belts. They are the incarnations of the ‘lines’. Meanwhile, sunken courtyards, outdoor ponds, spiral staircases, indoor partitions, ground lamps, bamboo and wooden sofas, and spherical art objects of various materials all exhibit in the ‘arc’ shapes.

It is also an incarnation of an old banyan tree in the Shangsha area of Shenzhen. It is a memory totem for the fishing village and city in the past. In the future, new green plants will be inserted into the connecting corridors. A circular hole outlines the tree, making it a precious piece of nature among the artificial structures. The addition of pine, bamboo, stone, and water pools will increase the vitality and interest of continuous growth for the three-storey experience space and will once again respond to the oriental meaning of the entire design and the ownership of the area itself.

The judges said:

‘The restraint in the design leads to a contemplative space and a range of experiences’

Finalists & judges' comments

The Manchester Lamps by Acrylicize
‘Fun installation in a truly public space’

Tampines Regional Library by DP Design
‘Great to see the library reinvented spatially into so many different spaces for different activities and users'

Greenland International Flower City by Face & Associates Inc.Interior Design
‘Elegant and striking’

151 W 42nd Street lobby by HOK
‘Single idea for ceiling beautifully executed’

Light Waterfall by Kris Lin International Design
‘Stunning development of a show and sales space’

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