FX Awards 2018 Winners

2018 Product of the year

Winner: Palau collection Capsule by Casala

2018 Product of the year Winner: Palau collection Capsule by CasalaSponsored By Rainbow

The shape and function of Capsule is inspired by a cocoon, which guarantees security, comfort and regeneration. Capsule has been developed to give substance to the increasing need for concentration, relaxation and privacy in the off ice environment.

It creates a quiet space for undisturbed phone calls, reading and waiting, with privacy being created without being completely disconnected from the environment. Capsule is a stylish object in large off ice environments. An additional advantage is that Capsule absorbs ambient noise, which benefits the acoustics in open spaces.

Capsule seats one-three people. The duo upholstery, where the inside and outside are made of diff erent fabrics, means Capsule’s versatility is infinite. This makes Capsule easy to integrate into both new and existing interiors.

The natural styled chassis of Capsule is generated from oak combined with steel, with numerous finishes in stains and colours available.

Says Capsule designer Kateryna Sokolova: ‘The Capsule collection can work really well for company breakout areas and people. If you look at contemporary off ices of the most innovative companies, it will be an open space with a lot of entertaining zones, maybe even with a garden. But for people who work on innovations and are thinking about it 24 hours a day, it is absolutely necessary to have a safe corner where they can relax or concentrate.’

The judges said...
‘Interesting design and concept. Well executed’

Finalists & Judges’ Comments

Fusion by DesignLED
‘A great innovation that increases the opportunity to backlight any surface or form’

Aquamoon by Dornbracht
‘Innovative combination of light and water’

The Cocktail Collection by George Smith
‘Very elegant collection’

Flowbox – The Dynamic Display by Kendu In-Store Visual Solutions
‘Creatively integrated light and movement into large-scape installations’

Ruckus by KI
‘Ergonomic and robust, flexible, stackable and strong’

SONAR by Patricia Urquiola by Laufen
‘Sleek and elegant... fresh and exciting’

Hush Phone Booth by Max Furniture
‘Cool concept’

Stand Up R by Max Furniture
‘Simple, clean design that can be modified to suit a wide range of off ice interiors’

Magic Wall by New World Development
‘Meets the increasing need for living in small spaces’

Amphibia by Volteco
‘Self-repairing, self-overlapping and self-gripping, providing long-term safe waterproofing’

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