• Dream location

    The opulent and eclectic Reverie Saigon epitomises the rush to wealth in Vietnam. Its luxurious interior is mainly decked out with Italian design. Why?

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    TON is striding ahead in furniture design, claiming four awards in autumn alone this 2015

  • Design Central

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    Opulence or convenience? FX looks at what guests want and what some designers have done to provide It.

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    Lighting design is an essential part of mood-setting and décor in hotels, but is hard to pull off. Neil Knowles, founder and director of Elektra Lighting, explains how to get it right.

  • Hotels: Taking an app

    Whitbread’s new high-tech and eco-friendly hotel in London’s Covent Garden, makes economic use of space. JSJ Designs found smart ways to ensure the experience is an inviting one.

  • The reversible hotel

    Guest rooms at the Ageas Bowl Hotel transform into spaces to watch cricket matches. Howzzat?

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    Federico Toresi heads up Aedas’ new interiors branch in London with great plans for the small department.

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    The sharp-thinking Ameloot family ensures Delta Light keeps progressing with a striking expansion

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    With ice imported from northern Sweden’s Torne River, this year’s Ice Bar theme is Rock 'n' Roll