• Are you attending the Manchester Open? What, Where and Why?

    The BCFA Open series continues this year with the second annual Manchester Open exhibition. This year the BCFA will be holding the exhibition at a fresh new venue and offering you the opportunity to meet with 27 of their esteemed members.

  • Geffrye Museum of the Home launch tour of London interior design through the ages

    Interior design has changed a lot over the years. Looking back to the past it’s hard to imagine how people lived without modern luxuries like electricity and heating. Thinking about it, it really was impressive.

  • Interior design students are transforming neglected areas in NYC

    For the interior design students returning for their fall semester at the Fashion Institute of Technology, it hasn’t been a relaxing break. In fact, they have spent the majority of their holiday working without earning a dime.

  • How to turn your home into a Game of Thrones castle

    Winter is coming and Game of Thrones season seven is ending, could things get any more depressing?

  • Interview with Hillarys: How Pinterest is shaping interior design

    Recently, social media has become all the rage when it comes to promoting a brand. It seems you can’t go five seconds without stumbling across a celebrity promoting a teeth whitening kit or an Insta-famous model talking about her favourite makeup. But does this work for interior design? Can social media really increase customer engagement with cushions, wall paper and chairs? We caught up with interior retailers, Hillarys, to find out more about its collaboration with Pinterest.

  • Club Wembley launches exclusive One Twenty Club

    Last week saw the opening of a new exclusive member’s club within Club Wembley at England’s National Stadium and as you can imagine it is pretty swish.

  • Inside Lenzi + Baglini Architetti's beautiful Italian farmhouse

    Wouldn’t we all love to quit our day jobs and live out the rest of our days in a farmhouse in Tuscany, not a care in the world just great food, beautiful views and sunshine?

  • Drinking and Design: 5 of the most stunning bars in the world

    Sometimes, after a long, hard day at work, all you want to do is relax with a cool glass of wine in a nice bar.

  • Inside La Suite West Hotel

    On the edge of Hyde Park on a tree lined street called Inverness Terrace, sits La Suite West, a boutique hotel with a difference. Not only does it have one of the best vegan restaurants in London, it is also beautifully designed.

  • DesignCurial in Conversation: Ariane Steinbeck

    Ariane Steinbeck is the managing director and driving force of luxury design practice - RPW Design. She revealed to DesignCurial why she hates the idea of ‘trends,’ why all ego’s need to be checked at the door and how you can’t be an authority in the field if you have only lived in one culture!