• FX Awards 2015: A snapshot of the evening

    There’s no party like an FX Awards party

  • Superior interiors

    Designer Sarah Burghard says cookie-cutter design isn’t what independent hoteliers want.

  • Dream location

    The opulent and eclectic Reverie Saigon epitomises the rush to wealth in Vietnam. Its luxurious interior is mainly decked out with Italian design. Why?

  • One to Watch: The Vawdrey House

    We’re keeping our eye on The Vawdrey House, a threesome comprising designers Jennifer Hamilton, Graeme Montague and Ian Chapman producing interiors, bespoke joinery, wallpapers, signage and graphics so far...

  • What does your client’s brand sound like?

    Chris Wilcox says that while many stores, salons and restaurants play music, is it giving the right message? And more importantly, what song are you?

  • Seeking a Sound Solution

    Looking after the health of employees in the workplace is about much more than simply ensuring the right temperature and eliminating trip hazards. For many workers, achieving the right noise levels can make all the difference between a productive workplace and one filled with stress and anxiety…

  • TON claims four awards in just one season

    TON is striding ahead in furniture design, claiming four awards in autumn alone this 2015

  • A Light Touch

    Lighting design is an essential part of mood-setting and décor in hotels, but is hard to pull off. Neil Knowles, founder and director of Elektra Lighting, explains how to get it right.

  • Design Central

    Marco Piva’s latest hotel project shows the Italian knack for mixing styles and periods.

  • The reversible hotel

    Guest rooms at the Ageas Bowl Hotel transform into spaces to watch cricket matches. Howzzat?