• Focus: Smooth Transition

    Formica continues to change with the times, moving into the era of texture and touch with its new product Infiniti

  • Focus: Wallpapers - Fool me once, fool me twice

    Mineheart is bringing the classic art of trompe-l'œil up to date with its unique range of wallpapers and rugs

  • Focus: Ceramics

    Short production-runs and high-definition printing are giving one British company the edge in ceramic tiles

  • Focus: Lit Concrete

    A light-transmitting concrete that also resists corrosion has been used uniquely to full effect in a spa’s thermal pool

  • Focus: Projects

    We take a look at two projects that have employed concrete to serve up outstanding and unusual looks

  • Focus: Characterful

    After hundreds of years as the keystone to building, functional—not beautiful—concrete is changing its character

  • Turning architectural wonders into fashion catwalks

    Both a supermodel and a fashion show producer, Jessica Minh Anh’s iconic fashion shows prove that catwalks don’t need to be in design studios.

  • The exhibition that asks, “Are shoes from heaven or hell?”

    Showcasing over 100 pairs of remarkable footwear, the new Heaven or Hell exhibition at the Cube design museum in Kerkrade, Holland, is set to prove that shoes have to be one the most sophisticated parts of fashion design.

  • How wood can help upgrade your home

    One of the most versatile and durable materials in the world, we look at the ways that wood can help create updated, refreshed interiors in the home.

  • Market makeovers

    In a celebration of the reinvention of a vintage retail format, Veronica Simpson examines the rise of the high-quality, low-cost street food market.