• Shanghai gets a new, futuristic, Arabian-inspired cinema

    With the aim of making Cinema City, Shanghai, one of the most exotic and interesting cinemas in China, Alexander Wong Architects have revealed their latest project – Cinema Exotica.

  • The reincarnation of London Bridge Station

    Amid a five year, £1bn reconstruction project by Grimshaw Architects, London Bridge Station had to remain operational throughout. Finally unveiled, what has resulted is one of the most connective and innovative rail projects in the UK to date

  • Focus: Lighting

    In-store lighting design has to be cleverer and even more flexible with store interiors changing constantly

  • Focus: Biophilia

    After establishing itself in the office and hospitality, biophilia looks set to putting down roots in retail environments

  • Focus: Technology

    With online shopping increasing its influence on the retail market, physical stores are fighting back with the latest weapons

  • The Blueprint curated diary: Inti Guerrero

    Inti Guerrero, the curator of this year’s EVA International — Ireland’s Biennial, shares his recommendations for the best exhibitions, books and events of the spring

  • Focus: Department Stores

    Department stores are being reinvented for the 21st century with an emphasis on stunning design and flexibility

  • Client File - Sarah Mann

    Sarah Mann, director of the British Council’s architecture design fashion team tells FX what she looks for when selecting practices for commissions.

  • Find outdoor luxury with Leisure Plan

    As a supplier of high-end European outdoor furniture, Leisure Plan knows a thing or two about design.

  • Top UK designers will meet their Asian markets at the GREAT Festival

    The third of its kind, the GREAT Festival aims to boost trading links between the UK and Asian nations, with a focus on high-end design and craftsmanship.