• The Blueprint curated diary: Maya Dvash

    Maya Dvash, chief curator of Design Museum Holon in Israel, shares her recommendations for the best shows and books of the summer

  • The Business in August

    Latest news and pictures from the design sector

  • Baldwin & Guggisberg: Under an Equal Sky

    A commemorative glass installation at Canterbury Cathedral marks the centenary of the end of the Great War. The intricate and delicate display underlines the destructiveness of war and 100 years later, it’s enduring prevalence

  • Take a look at the Abama Resort’s next phase of luxury residences

    The Abama Resort launches its new phase of luxury residences, with interiors designed by Rita Roses.

  • If Only...

    London office towers could be multipurpose, says Michael Stiff, founder of the architecture practice Stiff + Trevillion

  • Brief Encounters

    Veronica Simpson is in Portsmouth, looking at good and not-so-good ways of keeping back the sea

  • The 16th Venice Architecture Biennale — review

    The 16th Venice Architecture Biennale takes as its theme the concept of Freespace. With 71 exhibition participants and 63 national pavilions, there’s much to explore. Here we bring you all the highlights — and reflect on how architects from around the world have interpreted the idea of generous, inclusive and humane architecture

  • The Goldsmiths’ Centre celebrates the evolution of silver tableware

    The Goldsmiths’ Centre launches Made for the Table, its new exhibition celebrating the 500 years of history and ritual surrounding silverware and the dining table.

  • Light + Tech: Transformers are Top Picks

    Lighting expert Jill Entwistle looks at three IALD award winning projects, each taking illumination to a new level

  • Design trend: back to nature

    We look at the rise of designers using nature as the inspiration behind their products and interiors.