• Art Safari launched in Ghana

    I’m sure you know what an animal safari is, but have you ever heard of an art safari?

  • DesignCurial in conversation: Florian Wupperfeld

    Florian Wupperfeld is an art lover, an explorer and a culture addict. He is also the founder of Leading Culture Destinations, a company changing the face of tourism one museum at a time.

  • An interview with Zachary Eastwood-Bloom: The artist swapping his scalpel for a computer

    Zachary Eastwood- Bloom is a ceramics specialist who also co-founded the Manifold Studio in East London. Zachary brings a modern edge to traditional sculpting using techniques such as 3D printing and CC milling to cut shapes into materials like marble, wood, and clay. His technique creates an effect which successfully brings the past into the present and toes the line between technology and design.

  • DesignCurial In Conversation: Sidonie Warren

    With the newest Papersmiths store now open in Boxpark, Shorditch. Sidonie Warren, co-founder of Papersmiths and B told DesignCurial all about the process of making the unique pastel palace of paper and pens.

  • Masterpiece London: The best of 2017

    The glamorous art and antiques fair Masterpiece London has returned to Chelsea for the eighth year in the row. Bringing buyers and viewers the finest works of art from past to present, the fair attracts the most distinguished clientele in London.

  • The new Conrad Shawcross art installation is on display in St Pancras International Station

    The newest public art installation in St Pancras International station has been unveiled and DesignCurial went to meet Conrad Shawcross - the artist behind the project.

  • Clerkenwell Design Week: The best of 2017

    Clerkenwell Design Week sees London put it’s best design foot forward every year. This year was no exception. The art, design and architecture world descended upon London's beautiful Clerkenwell district to celebrate all that the industry has to offer.
    From unique interiors, to products that can transform a room, we have rounded up our personal highlights of the design world’s most talked about event.

  • 5 Best Contemporary Urban Bench Designs

    In the fast paced world we all live in, it’s nice to take a moment to stop, sit and soak in the environment around you. This wide range of design diverse benches make the perfect pit-stop, as they help to inspire a sense of refuge, community and unity for anyone, anywhere!

  • Interior design of luxury modes of travel - think super yachts and private jets - is booming business.

    We spoke to Linda Pinto, the sister of world-renowned designer Alberto Pinto, who's company specialises in luxury interiors. We discussed the next big industry trends and the lessons Linda's brother taught her before his passing in 2012.

  • Architectural beauty: Products inspired by design

    Beautiful design and architecture is visible in product design. Now it is creeping into the packaging of products that we buy.