• Art retreats: From countryside to inner city

    Whether you are looking to escape the city, or nestle right into the heart of it, we have what you need. Our selections come with a design twist, of course!

  • New Banksy murals poke fun at Barbican Centre

    Street artist Banksy has been at it again. Two new artworks by the graffiti artist have appeared at the Barbican Centre, London, overnight.


    As part of this year’s London Design Festival, Laufen Bathrooms presents “A Curated Art Show. What?” at London Design Museum - the world's leading museum devoted to contemporary design. Featuring exclusive objects by architect and designer Patricia Urquiola and industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, among others.

  • RCA Secret Postcard Exhibition returns in September 2017

    The Royal College of Art Secret Postcard exhibition is returning this September.

  • Portrait of Britain 2017 returns

    The nationwide public photography exhibition, Portrait of Britain, returns for the second year in a row. Appearing in public areas up and down the country, the exhibition gives amateur and professional photographers the chance to have their work viewed by thousands of Britons.

  • Artists chosen to create Swedish Icehotel 2018

    Visit the Icehotel on the riverbank in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, from one year to the next, you will find a completely different building each time you go. This is because each year a new hotel made entirely of ice and snow is built to replace the old one. What happens to the previous hotel? It melts of course!

  • Zebra One Gallery presents Julieta Schildknecht's first UK exhibition

    Brazilian artist and photographer, Julieta Schildknecht, is set to launch debut her first UK exhibition at Hampstead’s Zebra One Gallery.

  • Craig & Karl Design 'Guess the Artist' - The Art Quiz Game

    So you think you know art? We are sure you are able to tell your Picasso’s from your Warhol’s, your Turner’s from your Lichenstein’s, but how much do you really know?

  • Patrick Vale draws amazing detailed San Francisco mural

    Patrick Vale is a London-based artist, illustrator, and animator, who has gained recognition for his impressive panoramic drawings of cities all over the globe.

  • The Singapore Night Festival: Best installations

    The Singapore Night Festival kicks off this evening and promises to bring the best in art, music, and culture that the city has to offer.