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Celcon Foundation Blocks from H+H are suitable for use in building construction to support solid or cavity walls, framed constructions or suspended floors such as block and beam floors. Celcon Standard Grade Foundation Blocks and Celcon High Strength Grade Foundation Blocks can be used to support three storey building constructions.

Celcon Foundation Blocks are available in a range of thicknesses for use beneath the damp course level and can be laid easily and at speed due to them being half the density of traditional masonry blocks. Celcon Foundation Blocks can be used as a single skin, therefore eliminating the need for wall ties and cavity fill.

Offering a number of benefits, Celcon Foundation blocks have an enhanced thermal performance, reducing heat loss from ground floors. They also have an exceptional resistance to frost, are extremely lightweight, weighing only one third of a similar dense aggregate block and are up to 24% cheaper.

Celcon foundation blocks conform to BBA Certificate 01/3816 making them suitable for use in soil conditions from DS1 to DS4.

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