• Laurent by Museum

    Inspired by Noir St Laurent marble, this polished gres porcelain comes in a 75.5cm x 151cm, 60cm x 120cm and 90cm x 90cm format.

  • Labayon by Novogres, Bauhaus Art Collection

    Suitable for wall and floor, this geometric 30cm x 30cm format in gres porcelain has a matt finish.

  • Split and Lieja Hex by Cerlat, Cagliari Collection

    Wall and floor tiles in a 22.5cm x 22.5cm format including six designs in grey and taupe and four solid colour tiles.

  • Gallery by Undefasa

    Mix and match geometric designs in 25cm x 25cm formats from their Classic and Black&White ranges featuring four designs each, complemented by four solid colour tiles including white, grey, beige and slate.

  • Laguna

    Modern and highly desirable Laguna designer seating is an extensive contemporary collection of modular sofas and benches. Designed by the Italian Architect Elena Trevisan with corporate seating areas in mind it is the perfect solution for your large or small reception area and break out spaces.

  • GoBeyond

    GoBeyond seating designed and manufactured in Italy, is a sleek, elegant and highly refined designer range of sofas, armchairs and benches. Incredibly comfortable, contemporary and luxurious in every sense.

  • Bb3

    Comfortable and generous, Bb3 Sofas and armchairs exude high-quality Italian craftsmanship and provide you with a luxurious and distinctive design that is synonymous with the Made in Italy brand.

  • Momo

    Momo sofas, armchairs and benches are a symbol of Italian design excellence that create immediate and stylish first impressions.

  • ClassMade Italian Office Sofas

    Fashioned by skilled Italian craftsmen ClassMade sofas and armchairs have that unmistakable 'Made in Italy' look. Contemporary and luxurious in every sense with an attention to detail that can only come with many years of experience. Sleek, elegant and highly refined ClassMade is at ease in any commercial or domestic environment. Each designer module is handmade to order utilising top-quality materials and sumptuous upholstery.

  • Minimum

    The sheer simplicity of Minimum designer desks and benches has now been restyled for 2019.