• DESSO Essence

    Created with versatility in mind, the hard-wearing and highly functional DESSO Essence acts as the building block in a portfolio of four carpet collections designed to fit seamlessly together.

  • DESSO Desert AirMaster®

    Inspired by nature, Desert AirMaster has a diffused pattern to give a marbled effect to flooring.

  • DESSO Granite

    Invite the thrill of the untamed landscape into your interiors with the DESSO Granite carpet tile collection.

  • DESSO Breccia

    Combining the strength and durability of real marble with the shapes and patterns of rocks shaped by the sea, the DESSO Breccia carpet tile collection makes for a fresh, revitalising welcome in any interior.

  • DESSO Arable

    The DESSO Arable carpet tile collection is grounded in ancient wisdom, taking centuries-old field lines and sunscorched agricultural landscapes as inspiration.

  • DESSO Flores

    When we talk about being in awe of nature, there is nothing quite like the mysterious world of plants and flowers to illustrate this sensation.

  • DELTACÉRAM Ceramic Urinal

  • HYBRIMATIC FINO Hybrid Urinal

  • S21 S WC

  • BAILA Washbasin