• Floor Lamps

    For those who like a minimalistic approach to their work space, LUCTRA® floor lamps provide the ideal solution. Offering the same premium LED technology and individual light setting functions, LUCTRA® floor lamps provide direct and indirect lighting to ensure all users get the right biologically effective light. With a choice of one or two lamp heads in two different designs, LUCTRA® floor can be used individually or in greater numbers to light an entire space. Two integrated USB connections provide a recharging point for smart phones and tablets directly via the lamp. Simple and convenient meaning you can keep everything in view at your workplace.


    German enamelled steel bathroom manufacturer, Bette, has developed new versions of its innovative, narrow-rimmed freestanding bath, the BetteArt, to extend its usage options and further meet the needs of the UK bathroom market.

  • Buffer Vessel

    Certain applications require an amount of stored hot water as well as the instantaneous hot water generated by the Econoplate. This may be due to a lack of boiler power or very high peak demand.

  • Window Technology

    GEZE provides solutions for various different requirements for all aspects of window opening and closing.

  • Anima

    Furniture collection outstanding for its great storage capacity. Its combination of doors and fully extractable drawers provides easier access to all the contents and helps keep everything perfectly tidy. The series is completed with a column that harmonises perfectly with the base unit.

  • PRIMO Kn Cubicle

    Innovation is a trademark of KEMMLIT. In the 1970s, our company had already introduced the first HPL sandwich element system PRIMO. Now the new PRIMO Kn is the next level of this unique success story. Completely flush-surfaced, with aluminum frames and an element thickness of 42 mm, the system presents a never before seen quality.

  • Stainless Steel Aftercare Polish

    Ideal for removing minor scratches, imperfections and blemishes from our stainless steel rails

  • Auto Bleed Valves

    Expelling air from the system increases the efficiency of the heating system; this can reduce the fuel required.

  • Chrome Pipe Kits

    Ideal for applications where you do not want copper pipe work exposed

  • DESSO® Resonance

    This statement flooring surface lends itself to vast commercial spaces seeking maximum design appeal.