• Guardian Clarity™

    Guardian Clarity™is an anti-reflective glass that delivers an outstanding viewing experience. Suitable for any application in which excessive reflection creates an obstruction, Guardian Clarity™ glass has the ability to combine function, strength and beauty by maximising visibility and minimising light reflection. Guardian Clarity™is manufactured using an advanced glass coating technology that, compared to standard glass, reduces reflection from 8% to around 0.7%, while increasing light transmission from 90% to 98%, creating an almost perfect, distortion-free viewing experience through the glass. Applications include architectural entranceways and facades, retail storefronts, stadiums, hotel lobbies and museum displays.

  • Guardian LamiGlass®

    Guardian LamiGlass®comprises two or more panes of glass bonded together using clear PVB interlayers. By combining different combinations of glass thicknesses and numbers of interlayers, various performance levels can be achieved, ranging from safety and security to ballistic and blast-resistant. The PVB interlayer absorbs up to 99.5% of UV light, helping to reduce fading and aging in furnishing and artwork. Guardian LamiGlass®can also be combined with Guardian SunGuard®and Guardian ClimaGuard®coated products to add solar control and thermal insulation. Guardian LamiGlass®is used in many applications including curtain walls, facades, windows, overhead glazing, partitions, balustrades, floors, doors, furniture, aquariums, art galleries and museums.

  • ClimaGuard®

    Selecting the right glass for residential applications is important, not just in terms of how the glass looks, but also about how it performs in terms of solar control, security, sound reduction, thermal insulation and privacy. Guardian ClimaGuard®is a growing family of advanced glass products designed specifically for the home. Whether it’s for windows, doors, skylights or conservatories, ClimaGuard® can make living spaces more beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy efficient. The glass can be tailored to suit specific climates, exceed performance expectations or achieve distinctive styles. No other company offers a broader choice of glass solutions for the residential window market.

  • SunGuard® Extra Selective

    Guardian SunGuard®eXtra Selective is a range of solar protective glass for facades, structural glazing, curtain walls, conservatories, windows and doors. There are several products within the range, each offering its own unique properties to match a project’s performance and aesthetic requirements. With world-class selectivity, Guardian SunGuard®SNX 50 glass lets in 50% of natural daylight combined with only 24% of the solar heat, while Guardian SunGuard® SNX 60 glass lets in 60% of natural daylight combined with only 29% of the solar heat. This helps reduce energy costs due to a lower demand for artificial lighting and air conditioning. With a beautiful, natural transparent appearance, low reflection and consistent colour, Guardian SunGuard®eXtra Selective products are the ideal choice for completely glazed facades. When used in a doubleor triple glazing, these products deliver optimum thermal insulation.

  • SunGuard® Solar

    Guardian SunGuard® Solar is a solar control glass that reflects the sun’s heat away from the glass, helping to prevent your home or workplace from overheating. Available in a variety of colours (bright green, bronze, gold and grey), the product is used for curtain walls, conservatories, spandrels, structural glazing, windows and doors.

  • SunGuard® High Performance

    Guardian SunGuard®High Performance (HP) is a series of solar control glass products that offer maximum design flexibility by pairing unique visual options with a range of solar heat gain and thermal insulation levels. Superior energy efficiency makes these products the ideal choice for a wide variety of climate conditions, particularly in buildings where air conditioning is used and where energy regulations need to be met or exceeded. Guardian SunGuard HP glass is used for facades, curtain walls, conservatories, spandrels, structural glazing, windows and doors, and is available in a variety of colours such as silver, royal blue, light blue, neutral, bright green and amber.

  • SunGuard® SuperNeutral®

    Architects and building owners want high performance coated glass products that deliver abundant natural light combined with energy savings and solar protection. The Guardian SunGuard® SuperNeutral (SN) range meets these requirements. These multi-functional coatings offer high selectivity solar protection and a neutral bluish appearance for a wide range of applications such as fully glazed facades, roof glazing and large framed windows. Each of the seven products it the SN range offers unique properties to meet a project’s performance and aesthetic requirements. Due to outstanding light transmission, these coatings minimise the need for artificial light and offer excellent solar protection combined with outstanding thermal insulation.

  • SunGuard® High Durable

    Guardian SunGuard® High Durable (HD) glass is a high durability sputter coated solar control glass. The product provides all the optical clarity and energy performance that is traditionally associated with sputtered coatings. The durable coating is based on highly resistant materials that enable the glass to be used monolithically, only when applied on the inside surface. The handling and fabrication characteristics are comparable to any other product available for monolithic glass applications. Typical applications include the outer glass of double skin facades, ventilated glazing, spandrel panels, glass louvres and external shading fins for solar control shading purposes.

  • s490 tor

    Designed in-house, the s490 tor soft seating range offers various seating configurations with single, double and triple seat units to form returns and linear runs. The signature visual detail of the design is the tapered outside back and sides, along with a pulled button backrest, which creates a minimal, yet elegant, aesthetic.

  • Silk Tech by Todagres

    SilkTech is a slip-resistant technical porcelain floor tile for high-traffic areas with a unique silk-effect finish that can be used inside and out