• Faith, hope and clarity

    Despite dwindling donations and a public turned decidedly twitchy about conspicuous consumption, charities large and small have been investing in exemplary new headquarters. Veronica Simpson finds much to celebrate in the humility and charm of the resulting schemes, as well as the client’s clear faith in good design

  • London 2012 Thanks for The memory. But was it all worth it?

    Now all the hoo-hah has died down Stephen Hitchins looks at the true legacy of London’s Olympic Games, in the first part of a two-part article

  • Karma Chameleons

    Never have all things vintage, upcycled, recycled and reclaimed been so popular. Veronica Simpson explores the pleasures and pitfalls of creative reuse

  • A proper education?

    While three of the UK’s leading art schools settle down into sparkling new premises, Stephen Hitchins takes a look at their new buildings, what prompted them and what benefits can students expect to see, at a time when art teaching and course content in the UK is being cut back and technological know-how seems to be more highly valued than basic art skills

  • Tony Brown

    With Tony Brown at the helm of Bisley for more than 40 years, this British office furniture company has weathered storms past and present, gone from strength to strength with storage systems LateralFile, InnerSpace and Glide, and is set to launch another new product at Orgatec later this month. He talks officeworld to Jamie Mitchell

  • Lowest cost or best value?

    James Geekie, head of design at office design and fit-out company Area Sq, looks at how to obtain best value from an office relocation or refurbishment

  • Star Turn

    Gareth Gardner goes on set to see Bisley and Humanscale products star

  • Illuminating cities

    The city of Lyon in France has won first place in this year’s city.people.light awards. The competition recognises projects that demonstrate the contribution lighting schemes can make to the urban living environment, and was established in 2003 by Philips and the Lighting Urban Community International Association (LUCI).

  • Mind the gap

    Gareth Gardner looks at the new landscapes being created by Crossrail

  • Art in the office

    Those of us who work in offices with no art on the walls probably don’t even know to miss it, but according to a new report from International Art Consultants (IAC) and British Council for Offices (BCO), art in the workplace plays a crucial role in making both staff and visitors feel more welcome.