• Surface Design Show Preview

    Happy birthday to the Surface Design Show, about to celebrate its 10th outing and hosting an FX Live Debate on the first of its threeday residence from 5-7 February at the Business Design Centre, London. Maarja Pehk takes a look at highlights of this year's offering

  • Have skills, will travel

    Taking on international projects, and especially the lighting element of them, was up for debate in this latest FX Design Seminar. Johnny Tucker sits in and reports on the proceedings

  • In your dreams...

    A popular feature in FX is If Only, for which creative agencies or individual designers express their design dreams, however just-wishful-thinking they might be. We’ve been so inundated with your If Onlys that we’re presenting a few extras this month as a seasonal treat, and we look forward to receiving a new crop of your creativity in 2013

  • Call to faith

    A flourishing of new churches and chapels shows architects and designers eagerly embracing that rare opportunity for craftsmanship and the creation of transformational spaces that aren’t trying to sell you anything – except, of course, salvation. Veronica Simpson seeks illumination

  • Martin Roth

    The new head of one of the coolest museums in the world, Martin Roth is determined that the V&A will keep changing to retain its reputation. More of an evolution than anything too radical, but if he gets his way retrospectives will be a thing of the past, and the museum’s management will become more creative, he tells Jamie Mitchell

  • Now you see it...

    Francis Pearce takes a look at the latest crop of pop-up stores, from those that have a very short lifespan of just a few days to those that have settled in their location...

  • Reclaiming the streets of New York

    In my recent trip to New York, I was a bit puzzled by two facts – that there was so little public seating available, and that there seemed to be a scaffolding on every third building I passed. Little did I know then that an initiative called Softwalks is trying to reclaim the public space that has been taken over by scaffolding by providing attachable furniture to create seats and a nicer environment.

  • 2013 European Capitals of Culture

    The 27th European Capital of Culture title is this year shared between Košice in East Slovakia and the Marseille-Provence region in France. Both have an extensive programme of events throughout 2013. The areas are also embracing a gateway theme, with Košice acting as the door to Eastern Europe and Marseille-Provence as the gateway to the Mediterranean region.

  • Young, free and shingle

    Gareth Gardner is off to the Suffolk seaside to see a house in the shingle

  • Luxury without a function

    What do you consider as a luxury? London-based artist Jeremy Hutchison says that ‘true luxury has no function. It is not something to be used or understood. It is a feeling: beyond sense, beyond logic, beyond utility. It is an ethic of perfect dysfunctionality.’