• Milan 2013: A game of two halves

    FX celebrated the launch of Seymourpowell’s international product research from the Milan fair with a party at Herman Miller’s flagship London showroom. The report’s authors are Mariel Brown, head of trends, and Chloe Amos-Edkins, senior design researcher and CMF specialist

  • Online is not shops’ knock-out blow

    The rumours persist that shopping as we’ve known it is, if not quite dead, then well on its way to taking its last gasp. Carlos Virgile says rather than laying down and going peacefully, bricks-and-mortar retails have plenty to fight back with, if only they will recognise it

  • Open to design

    Aidan Walker talks to Tom Hulme, design director of innovation and design firm IDEO and co-founder of OpenIDEO, a web-based, open-design platform on which a whole community can discuss and develop a design idea

  • Workplace of the future

    In the company of some of the leading workplace designers, Jamie Mitchell travels into the future to examine how we will be working, where we will be working from, and what will be the impact on office furniture manufacturers

  • Now we are ten

    An exhibition focuses on former FX editor Gareth Gardner’s photographic work for design and architecture magazines over the past decade

  • Bye bye HID light

    While Ceramic Metal Halide and halogen lamps are inexorably being pushed aside by LEDs, which outperform both on most counts, Gary Heald warns users to do their homework before moving over, as disappointment may lie ahead

  • Richard Weston

    When a professor of architecture finds that his work is ‘so last season’, is something seriously gone awry? Jamie Mitchell talks to Richard Weston, whose scan explorations into rocks, fossils and stones have found their way on to fashion items and accessories...

  • Focusing on down below

    Gareth Gardner takes a bird’s-eye view of a new sexual health clinic

  • Play time

    Gareth Gardner joins the children in the new Ann Riches Healing Space

  • Come and talk about design with FX assistant editor Jamie Mitchell at Clerkenwell Design Week

    The best thing about being a design journalist is getting out of the office, meeting designers and seeing some of the amazing and truly innovative products that are the fruit of our creative industries. I’m not a designer myself, but I’ve always found designers to be truly fascinating people, the best of whom work tenaciously – in some cases obsessively – towards making our lives better and happier.