• Specifying worldwide

    Our experts, all with experience of doing global business, had plenty to say on the subject, and weren’t going to let a bit of volcano ash get in the way...

  • How Green is Your Project?

    Against a backdrop of climate change, the rules governing the building and refurbishment of homes are changing. In the first of two features, we set out what interior designers need to know

  • Driving position

    This year’s display of work by students at New Designers and the RCA SHOW an encouraging clutch of new ideas that are heading in the right direction

  • Building for education – what lies ahead

    While other countries recognize the benefits top-class educational facilities, the UK is looking for quick saves at the expense of the future

  • Going professional

    The interior design industry is stepping up its case for professionalism, claiming that regulation can create a respected career path for graduates and so distinguish them from all the ‘cushion scatterers’

  • Twisted normality

    The new décor exhibition at London’s Haywood gallery showcases artists’ ingenuity in taking everyday interior design objects and creating surprising installations from them

  • Apeing nature

    Biomimicry is the design principle by which nature’s solutions are applied to products, materials and processes. It reaps exciting, sustainable rewards

  • Being patient

    The Design Council sent groups into hospitals to experience first-hand what it’s like for patients, with a view to creating a more aesthetically pleasing and dignified hospital environment for them

  • Jehs + Laub

    This particularly dynamic duo thrives on creative conflict to create beautifully functional design

  • Character counts

    Eurocucina, a barometer of the state of Europe’s kitchen industry, is the place to go for the very latest developments. idfx trawled the aisles for this season’s hottest trends, discovering warmth and character amid the cutting-edge design

  • Against the Grain

  • Signs of our times

  • To make in Britain?

  • And the award goes to...