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An exhibition focuses on former FX editor Gareth Gardner’s photographic work for design and architecture magazines over the past decade

Over the past decade photographer and writer - and a previous editor of FX - Gareth Gardner has shot a huge array of people and projects relating to the worlds of architecture and design. From John Pawson to Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, Red Bull to the BBC, Milan to Manchester, he has captured myriad key moments as well as some of the period's notable failures (remember M&S's Lifestore in Gateshead, anyone?)

While working largely for architects and designers, Gardner has also photographed for many different magazines, including his regular 'Eyewitness' slot in this very periodical. The highlights of his work for magazines will be showcased in a special exhibition during the upcoming Clerkenwell Design Week, and will include images taken for publications including FX, Blueprint, Detail and Building Design.

'What's interesting for me is that my work for magazines tends to include people in space more than my other commissions.

'It's great fun taking environmental portraits of architects or interior designers in spaces that they designed or have been inspired by,' says Gardner.

The past 10 years have also seen massive change in photography, with the wholesale shift from analogue to digital technology. 'Holding this exhibition gives me an excuse to wade through boxes of transparencies and negatives, which is great fun,' he adds.

This article was first published in fx Magazine.

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